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I have been building tables and other Furniture since 2008 and other forms of Carpentry my entire life. 

In my early days growing up, my brothers and I were shipped off to Iroquois Falls to spend the hot summers with our Grandparents John and Rita.  In this time that I now cherish we spent many days on the logging roads either picking blueberries, fishing, or just on adventures.  I have fond memories of spending time with my Grandfather John in his garage and shop learning how to use hand tools.  My curiosity expanded into woodworking all the while supervised and guided by Grandpa.  

​When my wife had our first child I rethought life and my personal values.  I was able to take the “tools” I learned in a heavily regulated/highly specialized Corporate role and apply them to my passion for woodworking. 


​Today I have seen great growth in table manufacturing and have grown into a word of mouth full-fledged customer-driven made-to-order business.


I believe that the furniture I produce is a two-way street, with guidance provided by myself but always encourages the client to be involved. This ensures all questions are answered and the client's vision is produced with direct involvement. I try to obtain excellence with every build with my own standards and industry best practices. I do not let a piece leave if it isn’t something I wouldn’t put within my own home.


When dealing with Hanna Carpentry you the client is always first.  Whether it is burning your name to the bottom of your piece of furniture or providing something that you wish to incorporate into your piece we make it happen.

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