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Wooden tables require more attention than dusting them once in a while. They are often a major furniture investment, taking care of them makes money sense to you. Proper care will keep your furniture looking and performing its best and save you the cost of a replacement. Regardless if you use the furniture every day or only on special occasions, wooden furniture needs special care, both preventive and ongoing


Extreme room temperatures and humidity levels can wreak havoc on wooden dining tables. Situate your table away from incoming direct sunlight, which can cause the wood to fade and crack. Keep your table away from other heat sources, such as radiators or fireplaces, this can also cause the wood to split or warp. Maintain your home's humidity levels between 35% and 55% to provide optimal moisture content in the air surrounding your wood table. Humidity levels under 35% may cause the wood to crack, whereas humidity levels greater than 55% may cause the wood to swell. Run a humidifier to raise low humidity levels and an air conditioner or dehumidifier to reduce high humidity levels


Avoid setting hot pans or dishes directly on top of your dining table, as they can leave markings on the wood. Hot pads, table runners, drink coasters, and placemats deliver additional protection for your wood tabletop. If you are very nervous about your table you can acquire a custom-fit glass piece to cover the top of your dining table to protect the surface while allowing you to enjoy its natural wood grain. I tell my clients not to bother covering the top and to use the table in all its glory. Always protect it from anything hot but water spills here and there will not hurt the finish as it has multiple coats of poly, it acts as a thick protective barrier from anything penetrating


Preventing damage is the best method to care for wood dining tables. Wipe up liquid and food spills as soon as they occur. If you find your wood table stained with unsightly water rings from sweating glasses, rub the area with mayonnaise if we or you have waxed the top. The water rings are often in the wax and not the wood, the mayonnaise often removes them. For burn marks, use an extra-fine, dry steel-wool soap pad(#0000) to rub gently along the grain over the burned area to remove it. Cover ugly scratches with a furniture touch-up marker or crayon in a matching wood shade. Another trick I tell my clients is if the furniture is scratched, rub some olive oil into the area and it will disappear. If something drastic has happened to any furniture please reach out to me directly and we can figure out an approach to repair

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