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Let's build your vison!

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Brand: Hanna Carpentry

Species available but I can order in any and even exotics!

PINE - Discontinued

WORMY MAPLE - Starts at 1399 <-Rubio Monocoat sealed

CANADIAN HARD MAPLE -Starts at 1599 <-Rubio Monocoat sealed

There is no metal holding my doors/tables together, these are all handcrafted with the trusted joinery that is used in traditional Furniture(Mortise and Tenon).

Live edge, distressing, custom in-house dressing available When contacting us about tables, please reference the photos in the listing or my Instagram for ideas and other photos of other builds Visit HannaCarpentry for all my transparent prices instantly on your screen!

Why deal with Hanna Carpentry? I am a sole owned and operated business that has builds tables and doors full time. I don't offshoot to other aspects of Woodworking or Carpentry unless it is for myself or a project that interests me.

I DON'T TAKE DEPOSITS, JUST A HANDSHAKE! (Trust is a two-way street that is built not bought!)

That's it if you think you can work with me send me an email about what you have in mind and let's make your vision come to light!

Turn around is generally 2-3 weeks but every build has its challenges and can stretch to 6-8 weeks in peak rushes/challenges

The standard widths are typically 39-40inches but any size can be achieved for a small upcharge(+250) unless the boards I use can get you there for free.

I use a single hard wax finish that is a durable matte finish that is practically zero maintenance! You can add maintenance oil as needed or to change the sheen of your table at anytime after it has been delivered.

Prices are what they are no room to negotiate however if you can pick it up from my shop I am willing to move a bit.

Delivery can be arranged depending on location for a small fee(gas+time).

Other types of custom furniture can be commissioned. Contact me to arrange a design/quote.

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