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Barn doors with Rail kit

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All my pricing on doors INCLUDES all the hardware required to hang the door(rail kit(specify double door if required +50$)

Discount available for multiple purchases

Pricing starts at 450$ 22-33"wide - Door with rail install kit 450 34-44"wide - Door with rail install kit 475 45-55"wide - Door with rail install kit 500

Staining is optional because I clear coat it with an Eco friendly non-yellowing sealer, it looks great and saves you money. Any color other than natural is +80$

Previous clients of my tables save on pricing above, contact me directly.

Sealed on all sides(Eco Friendly water based sealer) proper joinery(mortise and tenoned) no screws are visible on front(hard pressed to see them on back as well(very tiny) skip planed evenly then hand worked smooth chamfered all edges(Mom and kid approved) Every piece is sanded smooth

1" kiln dried pine for base and capped with another 1" for design.

What is the difference between my doors and big box stores doors? Finished(sealed) theirs aren't Solid wood throughout theirs is finger jointed Heavy and durable, theirs light and unfinished Custom sizing,color, design, flexibility... Them(one size fits all)

Example 1: No Trim on opening(see photo #1) 30” wide and 80” tall opening Overlap of 3” on each side and 4” on top Barn door size to order = 36” wide x 84” tall

B + C + X = barn door height

Example 2: Including Trim 32” wide and 80” tall opening, plus 2” trim Overlap of 3” on each side and 4” on top Barn door size to order = 42” wide x 84” tall

I don't install but the kit is very DIY friendly and I can also recommend some installers in your area if need be.

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